Located on beautiful Lake George

The Hague Market


The New Hague Market

9844 Graphite Mountain Road

Hague, NY 12836


Visiting the Market

We have a large offering of organic foods, fresh fruits and veggies, specialty cheeses, house baked pies and artisan bread. We also carry meats such as organic chicken, sausages, and grass fed beef. Many of our products are locally sourced.

Open Monday-Saturday 7am-5pm

Sunday 7am-4pm


When you stop in, be sure to check out our delicious coffee, homemade muffins and croissants as well as our made-to-order breakfast and lunch sandwiches!

We have a variety of craft and domestic beer, ice, and an ATM. 

We also offer a selection of groceries, household goods, and gift items


The Hague Market was Built in 1901 by Ellis Bolton and Melvin Barton. Shortly after building, John Keenan was brought in to partner with Barton. It was called Barton & Keenan. A few years later Barton sold out to John Keenan and his brother Will. It became Keenan Brothers.

The next owners were Bob and Ada Hoyt who bought in 1949. They owned and operated it for thirty years and lived upstairs over the store.

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Sally's Family Connections

My parents owned De Larm’s Dairy next door to the market. As a young child I would go the few steps to the store and wait for the high school kids to come “downstreet” for their lunch break. Bob quickly put me to work behind the counter handing up the candy as it was called out by the school kids. After they went back up the street to school, Bob would take me back to the deli put me up on the counter and ask me what I wanted for lunch. Everyday I would answer with… “ham on white bread with butter please”.

Many afternoons Ada would ask me if I would like to help her make chocolate pudding or brownies upstairs in their apt. Of course I was always eager to help out knowing the spoon would clearly need to be licked afterwards. A couple times a week Ada would ask if I would like to stay for dinner. I would ask, “what are you having?” Ada replied French toast, knowing that would seal the deal. Poor Bob ate far more French toast than I am sure he ever wanted to.

The Hoyts sold to Joan and Art Steitz who operated it for twenty years and they to the Zyacks.

After many years of spending summers at the lake, my husband Jim and I decided to make Hague our permanent home. In 2010 we purchased the market. Months of renovations were done and we reopened in early 2011. Two years later I moved my gift shop Juniper from a few doors up the street to the second floor.

After one hundred and seventeen years Jim and I are only the sixth owners of The Hague Market!

It is purported to be the longest continually operating general store in the Adirondacks.